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We develop customised tools designed to manage your operations by

  • configuring OneClick standard modules to meet your individual operational needs.
  • connecting the necessary data sources to existing systems (particularly warehouse organisation, time management and inventory management systems).
  • linking to relevant remote data sources – e.g. tracking data from various CEP services for monitoring supply chains all the way to the customer.
  • adapting existing standard reports and monitors based on company-own information and turning them into the presentations you require.
  • consistently replacing auxiliary Excel solutions with tailored workflows and reports.
Our services
Personnel deployment services

Personnel deployment services

With our standard modules for personnel deployment services, you’ll make sure that the human resources you have are optimally scheduled and efficiently exploited.

  • The skills and training of your staff are documented and monitored by an employee qualification system.
  • Absenteeism is controlled by an absence planning system that allows you to determine the available staff capacity at any time and react quickly should bottlenecks occur.
  • A workforce planning system determines the required number of employees you need to cope with the corresponding workload.
  • The personnel deployment planning (PDP) tool assigns appropriate jobs to your employees based on their requirements and qualifications.
  • Employees use the process time recording (PTR) feature to assign working hours to relevant work processes.
  • Monitor your success by using the performance control feature to immediately check the efficiency of individual processes and identify a lack of accomplishment or planning errors.

KPI services

Our KPI services help you to constantly keep track of your logistics production numbers. Your KPIs are delivered at the single push of a button or automatically – you decide the way you want it:

  • Through monitoring services to a terminal or monitor in your production or logistics area.
  • Through reporting services to the browser on the screen of your desktop computer or laptop, your printer, or emailed directly to your inbox.
  • Through mobile services on our Android or iPhone apps directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Examples of frequently used standard online monitors: Status and throughput order-picking, status loading, number of employees involved in each process.

Examples of typical standard reports: Daily output of processes, complaints/errors, runtime control.

KPI services
Workflow services

Workflow services

Many of the work processes that are usually organized by Office applications (emails, Excel) are provided as standard modules in the OneClick Logistics Manager.

  • Assigning and monitoring routine tasks (audits, resources, etc.) with the task manager.
  • Managing technical equipment for employees (MDC, vehicles, etc.) and monitoring their deployment with the equipment manager.
  • Establishing and monitoring hygiene standards and organisational duties with the 5S module.
  • Tracking and communicating bugs in the operating process caused by technical or IT issues with the bug detector.
  • Recording and communicating complaints and errors and documenting measures with the complaints module.

Other modules are frequently added as part of our customer projects, and then included as standard application features.


We commit to our customers with passion and dedication.

Your satisfaction is our most valuable asset. Rest assured that we will reliably respond to the specific requirements of each of your projects, identifying the most suitable solutions in close cooperation. We want our standard applications to become your preferred management tool so that you, too, will happily reference our project in future.

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